Thursday, August 23, 2012

Picking up after Fall

Last Wednesday we had our final summer church picnic.  Bringing that bowl of freshly made Texas Caviar in all it's bean dip glory meant one step closer to school starting, and one step closer to the seasonal Lauren slump.

I love summer.  Favorite.

Fall's nice and all, it just means that winter is just around the corner and after that, Colorado Spring, which is as moody as me in the morning.

As Andy and I walked across the sports green back to our car I noticed the grass was dotted with little yellow aspen leaves.  I instantly began to zoom around the field like a little hoover vacuum picking up as many leaves as possible.  I was trying to prevent F-A-L-L.  I managed to get about 25 leaves.  That should hold it off for awhile.

On Monday I went to my bi-monthly thirty-one meeting (if you don't know thirty-one, let me just point you here).  It's time for the new Fall Catalogs.  Eeep.  I guess it might be time to open my heart up just a little bit to the fall season.  But only a little bit.  After all, it's not fall until there's pumpkin spice lattes at Starbies.

I am delighted by the thirty-one Fall Catalog surprises and just had to give a sneak peak before it all starts on September 1st!  New prints.  New products.

Oh yeah, that's a casserole dish carrier.  Did I hear someone say potluck season?

I think my MOST favorite part about the Fall Catalog is the new Collegiate Spirit Collection!!  That's right, you can select team patches and names to be embroidered onto your favorite thirty-one bag!  I'm definitely getting some Seminole love stitched up on a tote.  Go Noles!

And as a little treat, thirty-one sent me home with a medium utility tote with some cute little kissy snowmen. . .and mr. big bottom.  I love it.  I think it's presh.

This thirty-one thing is definitely an adventure!

And though summer eternally lives in my heart, happy up-and-coming fall!

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  1. Love this take on fall! I think a PSL & Timeless Wristlet in patchwork paisley are a perfect pair!! Of course I'll wear a scarf too!!


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