Monday, August 20, 2012

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth

I'm not eating refined sugar right now.  I'm taking a little break from it.  But I don't count the mini twix and snickers I had for lunch. . .they were so tiny!  Or the chocolate diary protein shake I had for my after work snack-it's organic (never mind the first ingredient is cane sugar).

Sugar is so pervasive.  It's difficult to avoid and it's highly addictive (not to mention pretty-have you seen what people are doing with cupcakes these days?!)  This little infographic quantifies our little bittersweet living situation I like to call "living in Candy Land."

And after reading this. . .bring on the bacon.

Nursing Your Sweet Tooth
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  1. Yikes! I believe I may be the sugar equivalent of a crackhead... dang it!!!!

  2. Shall I bake you a cake?
    <3 Rachel


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