Friday, October 12, 2012

Pintrocious: Cookie Cup FAIL

Ok, so I've grown a little more fond of Pinterest since my last rant about how I will never have an original idea again due to the zealous pinners out there (you can read about it here).  But it's been a source of inspiration lately and brings a little joy every time someone repins aruffledheart blog pic.  Talk about heart-melting.

I do love a good pinterest picture of food these days.  You know, the ones that totally look replicable and delicious.  Recipes that will make all your friends swoon and hate you at the same time.  Yes.  I like those.  And I've tried a few out.

But sometimes I get a little heated.  How can I evoke those precious juxtaposed emotions in my friends when the picture is an unrealistic outcome of what the person made?!

I think people get ideas in there heads and then search the internet for a picture thinking, "this is definitely what it would look like if I actually did it."

I cuss at you.

A few weeks ago I was having a little social time at my house.  I wanted to make some tasty (and pretty) snacks for my guests and had in mind a special pin of precious little cookie cups filled with a light whipped topping and fruit.  The pictures hypnotized me.  I was lost in the colors.

It seemed so simple too.  Pillsbury sugar cookie dough?   A muffin tin?  Really?  That's all?!

I was off to a grand start.  I even dug out that pampered chef tool I'd swear I need every day but had yet to find a reason to use it.

I followed the limited but simple instructions to the T.  <--Is that the correct usage of T?

But something inside me, call it my womanly pintrocious intuition, (pintrocious as in pin-atrocious) told me to not use the whole roll of dough. . .to try it out first before giving it my all.

Good thing. . .

There was some major chemistry explosions happening in the muffin tin and all over my oven.  I mean pillsbury everywhere!  I pulled them out and let the cookie lava cool.  Ten minutes later I had a pintrocious  mess of cookie rings with cookie bottoms glued to the bottom of the muffin pan.  That was fun to clean.

So if this mess is on your pin board. . .beware. . .the future of your cookie cups could be the GLAD bag.

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  1. haha! You crack me up :) Sorry your cookie bowls failed but I'm glad you still took pictures... Like a true blogger!!


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