Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

What did you do for Earth Day?

(By the way, Earth Day was Sunday.)

Me?  Well, first I cleaned out my starbies travel mug because I knew good ol Starbucks would be giving away free beverages for Earth Day to their earth conscious, container-toting latte drinkers.

Andy and I pulled into the drive-thru and I nearly crawled over him to share my enthusiasm for free earth day drinks to the voice inside the speaker-box.

"Good morning, welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you today?"

"WE BROUGHT OUR MUGS!"  I yelled, holding out my BPA-laced plastic mug as if the barista was standing outside our car.

"Um, ok, what can I get for you to drink?"

"Free drinks!  For Earth Day!  Happy Earth Day!!"

I feel like streamers should be shooting out of the menu encasement and a parade with elephants should be starting at any moment.

"Sorry, what?"

Uh oh.  Hold the elephants.  I knew something was up when the drive-thru line was only two cars long.

"Um, Earth day?!!  We are being mother-nature conscious citizens of the United States of America and we are here to collect our reward."

"Oh, we're not doing that this year."

Make a deflated balloon sound here.  And that, my friends, was the sound my heart made when I discovered Starbucks kicked me and my travel mug to the paying curb.

Yeah, we still got our drinks.

$4.50 later, we're on our way to church as the chemicals from my plastic mug slowly seep into my tea.

I'm willing to admit I'm not the most environmentally conscientious person on this planet. I would not make the Captain Planet squad.  Although, if I did, I'd be fire. . .no. . .water. . . no. . .heart.  I guess I don't have to make that decision; I missed tryouts in 1990.

The other day I ventured into "Natural Grocers" and did not bring in a reusable shopping bag.  My bad.  As the hungarian lady continued to ring up my lara bars and speak to me about saving gas by only shopping in her store and avoiding all other non-local irresponsible profit driven grocery establishments (maybe a slight embellishment), I realized I was about to have a Portlandia moment.

Luckily my quick thinking husband grabbed a box and packed up my salad dressings and non-homogenized milk (whatever that means).  Good thing watermelons weren't three for one!

All this aside, I am so thankful for God and his creation.  To be all the way out in Aurora last week and see majestic snow covered stately Pikes Peak 95 miles away just steals my breath away momentarily as I consider the grandeur of God.

Maybe I'll start calling it "Grateful Earth Day!" reminding me of the greatness of God, his creativity, and kindness to give us such beauty.

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