Friday, March 2, 2012

Somebunny Loves You

I have a best friend.  We live about 1,500 miles apart.  No big deal.

About 12 years ago I saw a girl wrapped in Christmas lights and an 80's green poufy dress.  I was visiting a church youth group for the first time.  We became best friends instantly over night on one of those youth group ski trips.  We were everything that is stereotypical in an official BFF relationship.  We wore matching scarves, we shared clothes, we went on road trips together, we went to Main Street Bagels in Ocala, Fl on "Two for One Bagel Tuesday" and both got two bagels.  We worked at the YMCA as camp counselors together, we went to college together (Go Noles), we even both ended out in Colorado at Eagle Lake Camp three years in a row.  I say we qualify.

The infamous 20 minute bean skit.  ELC 2003
Then one day I ended up in Colorado and Nicki stayed in Florida.  It was ok, because eventually one of us would cave and move out to Colorado.  But I remember that very dark Valentine's Day.  I got the phone call I dreaded.  The one that makes your stomach do an entire Cirque Du Soleil show in a mere 2.6 minutes. 

"Lauren!!  Guess what!"

"What, Nicki?!" (Oh please don't be dating, please don't be dating!)

"Kyle and I are dating!!!" (insert little elated giggles and squeals)

"Oh, coooooool." (drag out cool beacause Cirque Du Soleil has started)

I called that day "Black Friday" and wore black to work, even though our uniform protocol insisted on navy blue.  It was the day my best friend died.

It was written in the robes. . .three years prior to first date.

So much drama right here.

The day Nicki left me in Colorado.
Fast forward-Nicki and I get to spend one more summer together in Branson, Missouri (sans Kyle), and then they get hitched and you know the song, "then comes baby in a baby carriage."

Missouri +Nicki + food - Kyle= Great Summer
For the record, I am delighted that my BFF married Kyle-he's funny, and godly and Nicki really loves him.  They also have managed to produce THE most adorable offspring in the entire universe.  

Enter Emaline.  

The most squirmmy giggly precious little bundle of joy.  She is the answer to many prayers.  She is a gift and I can hardly stand that I've only held her once.

Almost a year ago, E was still cookin'!
The fam.  SO precious.
But today I want to tell baby E (and her mommy and daddy) that Somebunny loves them.  Because I do. 

I am a beginner sewer, and for some reason bunnies are my craft of choice.  There have been several prototypes (the first bunny turned into my pin cushion-yeah, if you're picturing it right now it's a little creepy, I'll admit) but this one was made especially for little squirmy Emaline.

"e" for Emaline
"Emaline, I'm coming home to be your bunny!"

Babies, bunnies, best friends.

Still waiting for Nicki to move out west. . .

until then, more bunnies.


  1. Nice craftyness Lauren, I am so proud of you and your sewing of excellence! , Emaline will for sure know how much you love her when she hugs any of these!

  2. Oh, oh, oh, I love the brown with the plaid ears and paws, you have a great eye for designing bunnies!

  3. Adorable!!! I want to make one now!

    Also, that Best Friend of yours is amazing....and so is her baby. And Derrik really likes her husband too.

    You are awesome and I had a dream about you last night. It was weird. We'll have to chat about it sometime.

  4. I love my bestfriend! Thanks for your love for me over the years, and now for loving my family, too. You are a sister to me. SO excited to have a little Colorado bunny headed our way soon!


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