Friday, November 25, 2011

Jersey Cowl Neck Scarf

Craft Time!

Yes!  You can make this super simple jersey cowl neck scarf (it's so easy, it's almost embarrassing to post).  

Step 1:  Go to Target with $6 in hand.  If you bring more than that you may be tempted to buy more.  Purchase the $5 Jersey Scarf in the color of your choice.  

Step 2:  Fold scarf in half and pin the two edges together.

Step 3:  Sew along the two edges.  Craft terms are hard for me.

(Step 3 finished.)

Step 4:  Remove the tag.  It's the simple things.

Step 5:  Attach Ruffled Flower (craft coming soon) and package in box for the joy of a loved one (loved ones, this may be coming to a Christmas Tree near you).

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