Monday, February 27, 2012

Spelt Your Heart Out: Food FAIL

Yesterday Andy and I found out some great news about a house we put an offer on (more on this later).  We were encouraged to celebrate, but what does that even mean?!

So we decided to do things in house (and watch the Academy Awards, although Andy would not appreciate me sharing that detail).  Andy ran out to get wine and cheap tequila for margaritas and I stayed back to make some pizza.  I can handle pizza.  Pizza is no problem for me.  

Except. . .

I bought some spelt flour at Sunflower Market.  I don't know why.  I guess because I heard it's "good for you."  And I'll admit, I had no plans for it when I dug that little plastic scoop into that powdery brown speckled flour.  (On a smart note, according to wikipedia, "spelt is a hexaploid species of wheat"-try using the word "hexaploid" correctly in a sentence today.)

So spelt pizza crust it is!  I have no idea if there is some Society of Spelt that share their secrets inside little musty forest caves where other "healthy" and odd things grow.   I'm not a member, so I just winged it and made the usual pizza crust substituting white flour for spelt.

All went according to plan.

I rolled it out.

I carefully and lovingly applied all the delicious toppings.

And just when I lifted the pizza pan to put it in a precisely pre-heated 425 degree oven, this happened:

I hope you're laughing right now.

I knew it was too gooey to be true.

But I'm too stubborn (or irritated?) to take apart an already assemble pizza.  I just put a jelly roll pan underneath and shoved it in the oven right as my margarita mix walked through the door.

I guess it wasn't a complete fail.  I mean, we scraped it off the pan and ate it.  Perhaps I won't use such a porous pan next time.

If you are interested in using/experimenting with spelt, might I suggested some recipes I've never tried before on the 101 Cookbooks website.

And way to go, Octavia Spencer, for taking home an Oscar for best supporting actress in The Help! 
We totally voted for you.

Today's Verse:
"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord." 1 Peter 3:15a

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