Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy FIRST Anniversary!

Andy and I turned ONE yesterday as a married couple.  Presh.

That means today I want to dazzle you with wedding delights.  Please join me in taking a brief trip down memory lane and reminisce with me as I recap Andy and I's most special day.  It will only take you five minutes. . plus twelve if you watch the amazing awesome video, but whose counting?  It's not like you're at work, right?

The first question people asked Andy and I when they found out we were celebrating our one year anniversary was, "Are you going to eat the top of your wedding cake?"

The short answer?  "No."

The long answer?  "Well, you see, we technically did not have a "wedding cake," we had cupcakes, although we did have a mini little cake we sliced and fed each other (right before I hurled-now that's a funny story).  I did save the cake. . .in our FRIDGE.  It's been marinating in all the transient food smells for 360 days.  If I could sink a tooth into the petrified pastry I would, but it's rock solid."

It's just as romantic one year later.
Thankfully Cake Crumbs bakery promised us a first anniversary cake for giving them the pleasure of feeding our 200 guests lots of sugar.  I highly encourage anyone in the Park Hill area of Denver, or anyone in Colorado for that matter, to swing on by Cake Crumbs.  You will not be disappointed by their delicious fanfare of treats.  They also supply the drivers and the goods for the Cupcake Truck mobilizing thousands of cute calories daily in Denver.

Spice Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Drooling yet?!

The second question no one asked us, but really should have was, "I loved your wedding slideshow!  Where can I watch it again?!"

GREAT question!  My dear friend and owner/Chief of Staff of Stellar Propeller Studio put together my favorite video of all times.  I seriously watch this video anywhere from 5-10 times a month (sometimes in one sitting).  I love the music, I love the pictures, I love the proposal at the end.  If you are getting married, or if you are even having a get together at your house, I highly suggest putting together a slide-show.  I'm not saying this will win over any friends, but it will certainly make you smile.

And even though no one requested, I'm sure you are all interested by now. . .here is Andy and I's wedding slide show we treated everyone to right before the processional.  Yeah, that meant no one could escape to the bathroom to avoid the baby pictures.  hahahaha.

Thank you Allison, for making us a video that will forever fill my heart with joy.

And how could you not click on a video when chunky fourth grade Lauren is on a telephone with records tacked to the background wall?!

A Tale of 2 Hearts from allison daniell on Vimeo.

And not that any of you are looking for wedding advice, but I have some. . .

1.  Register for a kitchen-aid mixer. . .yeah, the one every bride registers for.  Even if you don't bake or cook much, it's probably because you don't own this mixer.  Seriously.  If you are already married, have a baby and put this kitchen aid mixer on your registry.  Baby will like the mixer too.

2.  Consider going to some place special before the wedding to get some photos taken of you and your honey.  Andy and I spent an extra three hours out and about with our photographer making memories and looking so nice on our favorite day.  Also, contact Stellar Propeller Studio for all your photography needs.

3.  Right after the ceremony take 30 minutes to be with your best buds and your new spouse-we went straight up to the balcony and passed around water, beer, and coke as Andy and I signed our marriage license.  Favorite memory.

4.  Make up your own dance and then make everyone dance along at the reception. . .what other time do you have a fully captive audience?

It's better than the cupid shuffle?

5.  Pray with your spouse every day. . .Andy and I pray before we go to bed. . .well, sometimes our prayers turn into our dreams.  One time I was praying and then started talking about a helicopter.  Hmm.

"Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances.  For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."       1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Thank you for taking this little trip with me.  And thank you to all my friends and family that made 367 days ago so very special.

Marriage has truly been a gift of peeling back the layers of who I am and allowing Andy to know the mysteries of my soul.  Not all of those layers being peeled back and peered into are enjoyable, but I do know it's making me more like Jesus. . .slowly but surely.

Happy Anniversary, Andy!


  1. Love it! What great advice! Seriously, the kitchen aid...beautiful thing...I just made my own body butter in it...the uses are endless! I love you dear friend and the fact that you have been a Hlushak for 1 year warms my heart. Yay for marriage! Happy Anniversary Mrs. H!

  2. What a great great post! Looks like THE BEST wedding ever... a year later, my heart still hurts to have missed it! Happy Anniversary dear friends! :-)

  3. P.S. I watched the whole video and am smiling SO big... and possibly wiping away a little tear too :-)


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