Friday, December 9, 2011

Fifty Four Percent

Is 54% good or bad?

Well, I guess it depends.

54% Off Banana Republic Jeans?  Good.

54% on Business Statistics Final?  Bad.

54% chance of rain when you have an umbrella. . .and galoshes?  Good.

54% of blood returning into the right ventricle?  Bad.

In October, Andy and I returned to University Hospital to visit my cardiologist, Dr. Kay.  He received the results from my MRI taken in September when I felt like a human torpedo stuffed into a cannon.  Dr. Kay, who formally stated I may be able to wait on surgery for another 3-5 years looked at me and said, "You're at 54%. I think it's quite appropriate to move forward with surgery as soon as November."

Oh my.  That was a little different.

With the 54% of blood flow going back for seconds, it was time to consider surgery soon.  The other alternative?  Risk enlarging the right ventricle beyond repair.

I find it quite amazing and wonderful that God made 28 years possible with one flap of a pulmonary valve and zero physical restrictions.

We are setting a date, and the count-down to open heart surgery will begin.

Birthday Ski 2010
Celebrating number 27!

Why am I not in the Olympics?


  1. Birthday ski! What a great day to celebrate a great woman! I know this must be such a scary time (maybe especially for a newly married couple!) but God is so good...what a blessing that you believe that too! I am reminded of what Nehemiah said - "Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength (8:10b)". Praying for you lots friend!!!

  2. i think you're not in the Olympics because it looks like you're trying to ski uphill. i love you, dear lauren, but i'm just saying ...

  3. Love you Lovely! And your heart..hehe. I am praying and LOVE your blog and can't wait to see you!


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