Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yeah, It's Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andy and I delivered the cupcakes last night. . .but one person wasn't home.  I haven't eaten the non-delivered treats. . .yet.

I wanted to share a few things that I "love."  And though they might be material things, real experiences, real people are attached to each one (or will be. . .Starbucks date at 2:30) and that makes them treasures for the heart.  But even more, I am grateful to be loved by Jesus.  There is no greater experience, no greater joy, no greater freedom than to know more of his love.  I am so thankful.

Here are a few things in Andy and I's home that brings a smile to my face today and warms my heart.  In no particular order:

1.  FLOWERS from husbie.  Thank you, Andy :)

 2.  A STARBUCKS VALENTINE.  Free hot chocolate today after 2:30pm.  eeee!  Thanks, Starbies!

3.  CRISPY LING-LING.  Many of you don't know Ling-Ling nor her tragic demise two and a half years ago (See "We Didn't Start the Fire").  But I had to keep her.  She was actually a gift from my Aunt Lin and Uncle Clay (See Cookies Make you Stronger post) when I had my first open-heart surgery at 11 months old.  Ling-Ling sits on a bookshelf in our living room. 

A face only a mother could love.   

4.  BIG BEAR.  Teddy is from our dear friends, Daniel and Michelle who came to the hospital the day of my surgery.  Teddy served as a pillow for Andy in the hospital because I absorbed all pillows in a 2-floor radius.  Teddy cannot fit on the bookshelf in the living room.  Oh Teddy.

To avoid rumors. . .Ling-Ling and Teddy are just friends.

 5.  WEDDING PICTURES.  Oh I could look at them all day.  Oh, wait, I do.  They are prolific in our apartment.  Happy almost one year!

6.  CHOCOLATE.  Specifically DOVE DARK CHOCOLATE.  I often find myself eating them until I get a promise I like.  "Sing a song to yourself," no thanks, Dove, I'll have another. 

7.  THE WORD.  The Bible is wild with love.  There are too many verses to share here, but I'm very fond of Romans 5:8 where God shares how he demonstrates his love for us.  

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  1. This post is one of my favorites! I especially like the caption under the post of your bears together.....hilarious!


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