Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Day (New Belgium Style)

I'm sure no matter where you are in the good ol US of A you've heard of the massive snow dump in the Rockies.  If you're in Colorado, you're so over all the pictures people are posting of snow, their dogs in snow, their lawn chairs in snow, bushes with snow, etc.  If you're part of my Florida posse, you're probably  thinking, "Who cares, I get to go to the beach today."  Yeah, well, to all of you, I give you MORE SNOW.  But I am including an educational video sure to impress friends from coast to coast (that includes you Denver people).

Oh, wait, this just in from my creative tech department (husband), I have TWO educational videos to show you!

Grab some popcorn and your tea that's been steeping on the counter for 30 minutes (whoops, that would me mine) and enjoy these meteorology wonders.

Snow Day (New Belgium Style) from Lauren Hlushak on Vimeo.

Weather Report from Lauren Hlushak on Vimeo.

Until next time, stay warm out there!


  1. What a great experiment! I love seeing your face! Also, did you cut your hair? It looks super cute!

  2. i just love you so much! your blog makes me and my husband laugh together. so much fun.


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