Friday, February 3, 2012

Recovery 201: Pillow Origami

Welcome to Recovery 201, where I will walk you through my nightly routine of pillow origami.  It's a lost art, but each delicate structure tells a story and I have captured a few in hopes of reviving this ancient sport.

During my surgery my ribs were severely out of, well, place (beware of googling it), so bed-time can be an unfortunate event without maximum plushy comfort.

First we have the Neutral Pillow, a basic structure that I'm certain everyone has mastered.  Simply take two of the fluffiest pillow you can find and stack.  Viola!

Real Simple should take notes.

Next up, we have the Double Stuffed with an added pillow arm rest.

For some reason I'm in the mood for some Oreo's.

This is the infamous High Rise.  You can see Invesco Stadium from here.

Pass, Tebow, Pass!

Here is the Last Chance.  That means, if this doesn't work, then I have to start back at Neutral Pillow. 

Last Chance:  where hope can be found or lost.

Last Chance usually works if you add a little pillow friend.

Pandi makes it work.
Thank you for perusing the pillow origami album.  May your dreams be so sweet tonight.

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