Friday, December 16, 2011

NPR meets Little Drummer Boy

Yes.  Yes I listen to NPR.  And yes, there is a large picture of a man's face in the video below.  I'll explain.  Today was "Science Friday" on NPR and I usually change the station as soon as I hear the word "proton," but for some reason (perhaps a Christmas miracle?) I tuned in to hear a young man in Canada share with the NPR listeners of America his faith in Jesus.

Meet Sean Quigley.  A little drummer boy.  He plays for His King.

It was refreshing to hear such enthusiasm for Jesus among all the festive songs about Rudolph and his companions Santa, his mistress, and frost bitten men.

I love the lyrics, (sing it with me now)

 "Little baby, (Pa rum pum pum pum)
I am a poor boy too.
I have no gift to bring,
That's fit to give the King."

It reminds me that we are all poor in spirit, but that the Kingdom of Heaven awaits us (Matthew 5:3).  I also see the grace and mercy of God that we can come before him and worship him.  And he is delighted.

"For the Lord takes delight in his people; he crowns the humble with victory."  Psalm 149:4

Enjoy this little ditty and may you be inspired to worship Jesus today.

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