Tuesday, July 24, 2012

[Inspiration] Short and Stubby

You know when your art supplies just whittle away under the pressures of your ever flowing creativity?  
Slowly that favorite marine blue berol prismacolor pencil begins to loose it's girlish figure
 and shrink into the useless stub.  

But you don't throw it out.  Just like you don't throw out magazines, or ribbon, or fabric scraps

Because eventually (and by eventually I mean never) you think you'll use it.

Recently I found an image that inspired me to take back my craft scraps and to give validation to my hoarding problem of used up art supplies.


Simply Presh.

from Twopeasinabucket.com

And the photo I found just happened to be the best letter of the alphabet to re-purpose all those cute little pencil stubs.

Want to make one?  Me too.

I showed Andy this project and he said, "Cool. . .but where are you going to get all the colored pencils you need?"

With a brief spurt of hope I dashed to our art supplies rubbermaid tower only to find that there was not even one lonely lost crayola colored pencil.  I would have even settled for rose art.

Needless to say, I am still blogging about how I would create this project when that future day of pencil acquisition comes.  Is this totally lame?  Eh.

First pick a letter and find your favorite font (I like serif fonts-you know, the ones with little feeties).

Second, print it out and trace it to your background.  (Try covering cardboard in pretty wrapping paper, or choose something with texture like burlap.)

Third, dig out all those little pencil stubs and start sizing it up!  You can always sharpen to adjust sizes.  Unless of course you only have random hotel pens and sharpies.

Fourth, Glue them down.

Finally, Mount in shadow box frame.  (Check Goodwill for some frames.)

Tada!  No more tears over your favorite supplies that reach their last leg.

Now off to find some of those coveted colored pencils!

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