Sunday, July 8, 2012

Urban Garden Party: Lanterns

Again, I've been wooed by the Target bulls-eye. What turned into finding a baby shower present and picking up toilet paper only led me to casually walk the aisles for clearance treasures.

Yesterday I found little lanterns and suddenly flashes of miniature Martha Stewart garden parties on my porch started reeling through my head like a silent movie.  That's right, garden parties aren't for gardens anymore.  They can be right in a suburban 3rd floor apartment just minutes from a metropolis.

And so shall it be.

Sunday craft time.

The lanterns cost about a buck each.  I used left over candles from my wedding (why did I buy so many??). And I had my kind, patient husband help me hang them from the porch ceiling.

As he's screwing in the hooks I kept thanking him in between saying, "Are you sure we can put holes in the ceiling?"  Don't get me wrong, I wanted them there, I just also wanted to shirk responsibility in the case of a tenant no-no.

I tied the lanterns to string. . .maybe I'll get out some pretty ribbon later. . .

and hung them from the hooks.

Third floor garden party.

You're invited. . .

Just bring the dessert :)

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