Friday, June 8, 2012

Holla-shak Now. (The Name Game)

Some of you may know this, but my husband is a man passionate about good design.  One of our first conversations was about typography and why the world would be a better place if papyrus accidentally fell into a blender.

I remember craning my neck to watch him in the backseat explain how art is wrapped up in the stroke of a single letter and then began talking about kerning; at that point I thought we changed the subject to Winter Olympic sports.  

The facts point to fate.

Home-made name generator.
Andy + Mac + art + stories + God - papyrus = Graphic Design Bizz!

We've running a small creative operation for the past three years, but have remained nameless, and afraid to venture into the business world.

Well hold the horses, and fire up the oven. . .it's time to make some design pies up in this house.

The creative process of naming our business has been foul.  Lots of "no ways" and "seriously?" and "that's seems boring" and "why do you want to use the word sparkle so much?"  (I think you can assume that Andy was not the sparkle advocate.)

We finally decided to commit.  

But I can't tell you yet. . .because we haven't registered the name with the state AND and I know you'll go buy the website URL and make us pay you millions for it-I know you and your get rich quick schemes.

Here are some floppers (feel free to purchase the URL for the following. . .riches not guaranteed):

Hlushak Creative (and how many of you can close your eyes and spell our name. . .correctly.)

The Lu-Shack Creative (but we didn't want people to think we had "poopy" design.)

Grizzly Collective (not a huge market for grizzly collectors)

The Gospel Collective (Andy said, "this is a joke, please don't write it down")

Campfire (John) Denver

Holla-Shak Creative (how come every time I say this name my London London, wait a second.)

Halla-lu Shak Creative (the holier version)

Campfire Coffee ("It's a good story" -Andy referring to the time he tried to make cowboy coffee  on a backpacking trip out of a used sock and tin can. . .success anticipated but not achieved)

Savvy Venture (can't wait to have a spot of tea with you while we take a walk about)

Andy changing the world through one font at a time.
We are totally stoked to reveal the name. . .in fact, you may even want to check back as soon as three years from now.  Joke.  That's when we'll have a logo.

I know that the name might fall flat in a sea of people who don't like sparkles or really really liked the name Savvy Venture.  But Andy are just all around excited to be on a pioneering adventure of creativity, story sharing, fonts, and great design.

We hope you'll be excited and maybe even let us design your business card. . .and lets face it, we all need a cool business card.

The expanse is wide, the possibilities endless, but there is nothing new under the sun.

Praise the Lord and here we come!


  1. What all will you guys do besides business cards? Will you design logos?? I'm not quite there yet...but soon :)

    1. Yes! We do so much! Identity packages are available including logos. I'm sooo excited for your business adventure :)

  2. I once started a FB group called Designers Against Papyrus. I think it still exits but it never really went anywhere. Andy is a smart man :) Best of luck, Hlushaks!

    1. I love that you created that group. . .perhaps I will have to find it :)

  3. Soon I will need some business cards and other products...can you message me a price list on Facebook? Praying for your new venture.


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