Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bad Things I do to my Hair

Welcome to a new series entitled, "Bad Things I do to my Hair," where I will show you the not to's when it comes to hair styling.  I'm not afraid to tell you (or show you) these horrific stylistic flaws that take place at least once a week, because I want to warn you not to make the same hair boo-boos.  Actually, I don't think anyone would make these kind of hair mistakes, but when I saw my hair last night, I had to share my good idea gone terribly wrong.

Bad Things I do to My Hair:  My version of Do-Rags

My version of Do-Rags is cut a bunch of fabric strips (rags) and roll them up in my hair (do).  My inspiration comes from a co-worker of mine who told me she rolls her hair up in a sock at night to make her hair wavy.  Interesting, but with shorter hair the sock method is impossible.  So I thought, how about a bunch of little socks, but since I don't own a baby, I don't own any little socks.  So strips of fabric it is!  Huzzah!

Here's a step by step guide to get you a do-rags do:
1.  Cut 1 inch strips of fabric (I used gray colored fabric, your color choice may or may not have an impact on your results).
2.  Take chunks of damp hair and twirl them around a fabric strip until it starts to coil on it's own.
3.  Once coiled near the top of your head, tie ends into a knot.
4.  Wait until hair dries.
5.  Avoid husband or any kind of person to maintain a healthy, positive emotional balance (I came and sat by my husband on the couch with my do-rags and he said, "Oh my gosh, what is in your hair?")
6.  Go to bathroom, lock door, and remove rags.
7.  Results may vary.


  1. HAHAHA....this made me crack up....I have had several of these "hair boo boos" too! Thanks for sharing Do-Rag Wearer!

    1. hehe, i love Jamie-and I feel like we should start a hair fail, craft fail, food fail blog. . .you and I. . .not that you always fail-but you're funny and bold and I know you told me about that christmas tree skirt ;)

  2. Oh Bubbles! You should have seen the next morning after my attempt at the sock roll. HI-LAR-I-OUS!!!!!!!!! I loved the pinterest fail post thing... pinterest is insane - I like it for recipes mainly! Love you and hope you are doing much better my friend!!!

  3. you are the cutest ever. is your retainer in in these pics? if not, i would suggest that for the next post in this series.


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