Monday, January 16, 2012

What Happened This Weekend

What Happened This Weekend!
Weekend Photos #4

This is the lung training exhaler breathing tube (Vader Breather I've started calling it).
She uses it to take her lungs to the next level - strength training to the max!

 Mamma Hlushak brought some flags the day of the surgery to write some of YOUR messages and prayers-things posted on facebook, comments, etc.  Mamma Hlu and Mamma J worked on these during Lauren's surgery.  These were a highlight.

Weekend List #4
  • We left ICU Saturday after the bleeding in her lungs was determined to be "old" blood from the surgery.
  • They have been taking x-rays about every 4 hours to watch her. . . . get better. (trying not to gross you out, I'm not sure what your tolerance for medical stuff is)
  • Didn't sleep much friday night.  In addition to intense back pain, Lauren's ICU neighbor was having issues remembering where he was and fought with the nurses all night, pulled out IV's and even his catheter. . .I hear that only has to happen once. 
  • Like I've said several times already, the nurses have been amazing - very kind.  Makes us really proud and thankful for al our friends who have chosen this field.
  • Our surgeon came by about 8 times since surgery. Dr. Campbell has been phenomenal. Most impressive because he sits and talks with us, explains things, has great bedside manner, apparently listens to some tunes while he does surgery, and is the top in the country for this type of surgery.
  • We've watched Despicable Me twice now. 
  • Lauren said at one point, "I am so glad I didn't know it was going to be this hard." It was hard - almost constant chest, rib and back pain.
  • The beds she's stayed in (we've been in 4 different rooms hahaha) all have this weird inflation deflation thing going on - I laid in on for a while whilst Lauren was sitting in a chair - they are weird.
  • Thank you for praying for us that has meant the world to us and has helped more then the medicine.

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  1. Thoughts and prayers go to the Hlushaks!! Couple of handy things for you to know:
    • Darth Vader Breather is called an Incentive Spirometer, they do work very well. Love that thing Lauren! (Beat Andy!)
    • Lauren is probably in a surgical bed, hence the whole surgery thing. The bed inflates and deflates so as to change the pressure points on a person's body - preventing pressure ulcers if the body stays in one position for too long.
    • You can typically make that stop by unplugging the bed. This however, I do not recommend. (:
    Know that the Young family is praying and believing in a speedy recovery for this delightful woman.
    God Bless - Cody & Kacey


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